The Tata LPT 4225 Cowl truck is classified as a 42,000kg GVW multi-axle rigid hauling truck. This vehicle model is the most popular for freight transportation. And also, Tata Motors is well-known for producing high-quality trucks. It fulfils all transportation requirements and operates well in difficult transportation situations. This feature is ideal if you want to buy a Tata LPT 3518 Cowl 42-tonne category heavy-duty vehicle that requires little maintenance and has excellent performance. Read these highlights to know more about the Tata LPT 4225 Cowl.

Main Specifications of the Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Truck

It has a factory-installed Cummins ISBe 6.7l BS6 engine with a six-cylinder capacity of 250 HP. Furthermore, it has a peak torque of 950 Nm and a maximum speed of 80 kmph. There are 14 tyres in all and 365 massive-litre fuel tanks. In India, the GVW of this haulage truck is 42,000 kg, with a payload capacity of 32,000 kg and a mileage of 3-4 kmpl. It's a noteworthy vehicle for fleet operations because it can offer optimum uptime with minimal maintenance.

It also comes with value-added comfort features such as Electronic Anti Fuel Theft, Engine Brake, 3 Mode Fuel Economy Switch, Gear Shift Advisor, Air Conditioning, Reverse Parking Assistance System and much more.

Fly ash, agricultural produce, edible oil, bitumen, packed lubes, and cement is all possible applications that can be comfortably accomplished using this top-quality truck.

Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Price Range

In India, the price range of Tata LPT 4225 Cowl starts at Rs. 38.57, which can exceed Rs. 44.03 lakhs.

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